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Mango Pudding

Recipe by Safreena of Manglore, IN

very tasty mouth watering dessert will like all your family

Ingredients vegetarian 6 servings

    • 4-5 bread
    • 1 sachet caramel vanilla flavour 
    • half cup mango juice
    • 1 tin whip cream 
    • 2 sachet whip cream powder
    • 1 mango cut into slices


    1. Cut bread brown side and set bread in a square pudding bowl, dont leave any place. It must cover bowl fully.
    2. Pour mango juice above the bread and keep fridge for a 10 min set.
    3. Now prepare caramel as per instruction, when it cools pour it above bread and keep for a hour to set.. 
    4. Now cut mango into thin slices.. place mango pieces above the caramel and refrigerate for a min..
    5. In a bowl add whip cream and whip cream powder make a smooth paste.. pour whip cream above mango piece..
    6. Keep in fridge to set correctly.. you can use caramel sugar ( inside the caramel) to decorate any style.. I'm using zigzag style..                                                         


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