Chitra Ahluwalia Pal

From New York, US

  • Last seen on 1/9/2012 4:47:00 PM

"My inspiration for this my Loving Husband and some of best cooks in family my parents, my aunt. I have been to so many parts of world, I keep on learning stuff but still more to learn. I write my food blog also"

Latest Recipes by Chitra

Cauliflower/Gobi Tikka

Spicy baked Gobi tikka

Now this tasty treat is often served in weddings or parties. So I thought why not make them at home and have a party.


Roasted curry Brussels sprouts and Potato

You can serve this with any kind of protein as a salad or side dish.


Grilled Thai Chicken over Brown Rice Medley and Rosemary Roasted Vegetables

Grilled Thai Chicken over Brown Rice Medley and Rosemary Roasted Vegetables is perfect entree and side dish for your romantic dinner.


Achaari Tikki / Pickle Potatoes Cutlets

Achaari Tikki / Pickle Potatoes Cutlets

These spicy, homemade, easy to cook cutlets are so tempting, that you can fall in love with them. You can serve them as party snack instead of those frozen cutlets you buy from market. You don’t need any fancy item here and you can make them as wraps next morning if you have any leftovers or make extra. Fill them in pita bread with salad leaves and hummus..


Warm Medley Rice Salad

Mix Rice warm salad

This warm Salad can be perfect combination with your grilled chicken, meat or fish. It has lots of fiber in it so its very good for health..


Oven Baked “No Oil” Onion Rings

No Guilt - Crsipy onion rings without any oil

These onion rings are my new favorite, I know you will like it too. Every Recipe uses oil to fry or even bake but I wanted to have them without any guilt so here it is. I am not even using any egg for dipping so that even pure vegetarian can also have them. Enjoy guys ...


Marinara Mushroom and Peas

Saucy Peas and Mushrooms

You can use this as a side dish or fill in taco or burrito and serve as lunch or snack.


Potatoes Biscuits

These Biscuits can be eaten alone with coffee/tea or make a snack and serve it as appetizers.


Brownie Biscotti

Semi homemade biscotti with store bought brownie mixture

This semi-homemade biscotti is worth a try. Its amazingly good with coffee and tea or even iced tea. Biscotti's are Italian cookies.